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Charter Services

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What Makes Charter Smarter?

  • Schedule flexibility
  • Access to more airports = closer to your destination
  • Improved customer contacts and support
  • Avoid parking, check-in, baggage and security delays
  • Save money on overnight expenses
  • Get more work done in one day

The advatage of saved time is the number one reason people charter. You can fly or leave whenever you'd like -- without having to depend on airline schedules or long hours on the road.  You can go where you need to get your business done and come back when you want. This means saving money on food, lodging, and car rental. It could also mean spending more valuable time with your client......or your family.

Over half of all airline flights connect with the 20 busiest airports in the U.S. With General Aviation you have direct access to all of these major airports, plus some 12,000 airports in small communities that the airlines don't reach. General Aviation is the primary air link to about 19,000 small communities and over 400 cities.

With a chartered aircraft you can often land whenever and wherever you want -- usually much closer to the area you need to be. You can avoid the large, crowded airline hubs. You can even have a car waiting on the ramp when you land. 

You can also choose your your traveling companions. This means converting wasted travel time into useful study or preperation time. Just think of what you could accomplish with everyone together in your own private work area, with no telephones to interrrupt your work. You can also take along extra people and equipment -- at no added cost.

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Click here to get a quote on charter services!